Our History

Our story began in 2002 when our founder was aware of the importance of global citizen lifestyle in living a desired life.  That vision ultimately became Globevisa today.


Our founders recognize an increasing need in pursing global citizen lifestyle, and a lack of professional guidance during the process. Therefore, Globevisa is founded, starting its journey in providing customized investment immigration services to enhance global mobility.


Globevisa establishes office in Toronto to cater for our clients’ needs when they head out to a brand new life in Canada.


Globevisa sets up the Hong Kong office, which is regarded to be the company’s business center.


The establishment of Globevisa’s Singapore office is a bridge to the market in Southeast Asia.


Globevisa opens offices in Vancouver, Canada and Melbourne, Australia, which widens the coverage of follow-up services in popular immigration destinations.


Globevisa establishes the Kuala Lumpur office in Malaysia, grabbing the opportunity brought by the Belt and Road Initiative.


Launching of Financial services and Work Visa application services, as a pioneer relocation service provider in the neo-immigration era.

In the same year, offices in Seattle in the U.S. and London in the UK are launched, further broadening the business domain in global market.


Launching of Follow-up services for a wide range of immigration products with an aim to solve every problem of Globevisa clients.

In the same year, office is opened in Taiwan China.


Globevisa’s IT team develops IM (Instant Messaging) which highlights end-to-end encrypted conversation, focuses on PRIVACY and SECURITY throughout communication and immigration document transfer.

In the same year, Globevisa opens offices in Lisbon Portugal, Auckland New Zealand, and Sydney, Australia. To date, Globevisa has established more than 20 offices in five continents, providing all-round services to international clients.


Globevisa establishes the Shutdown Project Service Department to provide continuing services to clients in the application process of shutdown projects.


Globevisa expands its international presence by establishing offices in Athens, Greece, Dubai, UAE and Istanbul, Turkey.


Globevisa launched Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Office. 

The second office is opened in Bangkok, Thailand, which marked another milestone for networking in Southeast Asia.

Globevisa Australia, situated at the third largest city, Brisbane, became the third office established in 2023.

Globevisa launched the Hanoi Vietnam Office.

Globevisa launches the fifth office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We look forward to a successful future in collaboration with our partners and clients in the new region.

Globevisa achieved a new extension into Kolkata, India, marking the sixth office opening in 2023.

The better is yet to come.