Explore the immigration journeys of clients from around the world, listen to their heartfelt stories, and feel the profound bond they share with Globevisa. These authentic shares are a testament to friendships and trust transcending borders, showcasing Globevisa’s outstanding service and guiding force in the immigration field. Wherever you may be, Globevisa is your trusted partner, working hand in hand to fulfill your immigration dreams.


“It was so efficient that I was very satisfied with the service of Globevisa. I had nothing to worry about.”


-Mr. CAI

“If you’re interested, I would recommend Globevisa. Th’re pretty professional and most importantly, they get things done. That’s what matters the most! I strongly agree with this point.”


-Mr. LUO

“I was warmly welcomed when visiting Shenzhen office. I remember the consultant who provided me with the service named Ms. Lee. She provided invaluable advice and insights into the immigration process, especially life in Hong Kong, including school for my kid.


-Mrs. MA

“At first, I was not very confident. But fortunately, Globevisa document processing team was really good. They were very patient. They discussed my case in-depth and assisted me in the document preparation.
I was really satisfied with the result.


-Mrs. SHI

We’ve encountered setbacks on this roads so we must choose a relatively secure and enduring brand. Through friends around me, I also confirmed that Globevisa is a trustworthy and well known brand in China. So we chose Globevisa.



Additionally, the scenery is fantastic. As you know, Athens is close to the Aegean Sea, with its incredibly blue color, and the islands are beautiful.



“From start to finish, everything went smoothly, and I didn’t really have to worry about it. You guys did a great job on this front.”


– Mr. WANG

I’m really happy now! I feel so free now!

“I also want to express my gratitude to the team at Globevisa, they were so diligent and experienced in handling my documents, making sure I didn’t go through any unnecessary hassle.”

-Mrs. LI

I must say a big congratulation to Globevisa, showing your commitment and expansion, and also show that you are doing very good business.


I’m also very grateful to Globevisa for helping me to emigrate successfully. Because I have learned about many agencies in the early stage, Globevisa is undoubtedly the best on professionalism. I faced a lot of obstacles early on, and Globevisa helped me solve it perfectly.


-Mr. YU